American Federation Of  Police, Inc.

About Us

Robert Torres​​​

Chief Executive Officer

American Federation of Police, is the continuation of a major job, led by a great man and personal friend. To who we appreciate the opportunity off putting the responsibility of a big dream in our hands. Established from October 27, 1966 to 1981, by its founder Mr. Gerald S. Arenberg.​
We are a Non-profit Organization, which primary purpose is to provide education and training.
We will prepare our members with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to be professionals in their respective fields.
Since August 25 2003, the name of the organization has been incorporated with the Division of Corporations of the State of Florida as “American Federation of Police Inc.” It was reestablished to address the need, for well trained professionals, with the knowledge, skills and training to successfully operate in this industry.
We has been providing for more than two decades trainings in countries such as Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Panama, El Salvador, Honduras, United States as well as various academic improvement and we have been chosen by the Dominican Republic Municipal Police as International Liaison with the police forces of other countries in cultural exchanges. An agreement  was signed between the Municipal Police of Dominican Republic and the Municipal Police of Costa Rica thanks in part to our efforts. 

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