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ACTIVE MEMBERS of our organization will not be available to provide monetary contribution to the activities of the American Federation of Police, each party will have to pay for their own expenses.



The conference registration, on enrollment in our acclaimed training programs will be free of charge.




Access to the "members only" area of the website which includes the comprehensive Membership Directory is not available yet.


The  AFP  products, from wearable memorabilia are not yet available to the public. ​


The opportunity to receive preferential treatment are not in place, the companies that provide professional and personal services to law enforcement through AFP will be treated equally.



We are not accepting donations.

We are in the process to be  certify 501 c.3 

For details regarding planned giving, endowments (corporate or personal), or with any other question or concern about the A.F.P. please field free to contact A.F.P. CEO Robert Torres 786-877-2000.


The A.F.P. is a not-for-profit organization established to educate law enforcement and Security professionals, and any other educational activities that bring a positive benefit / mental and spiritual development for the good of our communities at large.

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